Geneva-based agency specialized in the creation of institutional, cultural, and professional websites.
We can help you better communicate with your audience through a well-developed and easily manageable website.
Our clients are satisfied!
They trusted us and are now using the ideal tool to achieve their goals.
Show your ambitions!
Visibility! The key to growth is to make known the true values of your company.
You don't have a website?
Need advice? We are here to support you and assert your presence.
Is administering your website challenging?
Time is money! A website is a tool; we offer them simple and optimized.
Stop chasing your audience.
Our team is ready to assist you and contribute to the success of your project. No prior digital knowledge is required; you are in complete control of managing your site independently.
We are at your disposal to answer your questions and introduce you to a lightweight website optimized for SEO. No golden handcuffs here—you remain the owner of your data and your site. Benefit from a scalable environment open to custom development based on your needs.
We want you to enjoy a lightweight, SEO-optimized site.

No golden prison: you retain ownership of your data and your site, and benefit from a scalable environment open to customized development according to your needs.

No more expendable websites.
Have a robust and sustainable website designed for the future, capable of evolving along with your needs.
Controlled budget
Invest in your communication wisely, putting an end to dispersing resources across a multitude of redundant and unsuitable services.
Timely schedule
Get a customized solution that meets your deadlines. Save valuable time with a fast and easy-to-manage website.
Stay calm from start to finish!
A dedicated contact accompanies you throughout your project.
You can rely on a flexible and responsive team that truly values your project.
Increase visibility through regular reporting and meetings.
They trusted us.
Numerous projects completed so far have convinced us that humility and continuous improvement are the keys to success.
Need a tailor-made solution?
We create websites for institutions, cultural and non-profit organizations, and innovative businesses.
Redesign of an existing website.
Creation of a new website.
Custom development
  •    Creation of websites, optimized for SEO, with a unique identity and tailor-made technical solutions.
  •    Offering an open-source CMS (Content Management System) tool for self-administration of the site.
  •    Web design, ergonomics, and UI creation.
  •    Web design, ergonomics, and UI creation.
  •    360° support
Share your goals and let us know what's hindering you during a call.
Receive our personalized and complimentary advice along with a quote for your project.
Plan and scale the solution that suits you based on your budget.
Additional services
Preventative Maintenance and Hosting

Quarterly maintenance

Bimonthly maintenance

Annual hosting

CMS, themes, and plugins updates. Monitoring and optimization of technical compatibilities. Functionality audit after each intervention. Hosting in Switzerland, neutral and highly secure (ISO 14001 & 50001), using 100% renewable energy. SSL certificate included.

All-in-one service

On-demand per hour (access rights extra)

Minimum 20-hour package (access rights included)

A team comprising a developer, a graphic designer, a webmaster and an SEO expert is at your disposal to address your technical, ergonomic, referencing and audience tracking needs. A project monitoring space is provided to you.

Corrective maintenance

On-demand per hour (access rights extra)

Minimum 20-hour package (access rights included)

User journey

We provide on-site troubleshooting, a ticketing platform for tracking interventions, and the development of new features to meet all your technical needs.

Cyber security

Quarterly Intervention

Bi-monthly Intervention

Monitoring and removal of identified malware on the website, control of changes made to website files. Tracking of interventions on a collaborative project management tool, detailed report in case of detection of suspicious behavior.

Offsite backup

Quarterly Intervention

Bi-monthly Intervention

Tailor-made service

Full website backup on our secure Cloud space, hosted in Switzerland and replicated on at least two sites. Restoration of the latest backup in case of any issues. Tracking of interventions on a collaborative project management tool, detailed report in case of data restoration or backup failure.


Bi-monthly Service

Quarterly Service

Installation and configuration of an audience analysis tool compatible with NLPD. It allows understanding the individual behavior of website visitors, optimizing on-site experience, and discovering the searches conducted by visitors.

We have 7 years of experience on the web!
At Web Cafetière, we know that you want to be recognized for the quality of your work For that, this work needs to be seen, understood, and presented in the best possible way. Your website fulfills none of these objectives. It is, moreover, hardly visited, which is all the more frustrating. But by the way, do you even have just one website?
We have developed solutions that work!
We believe that every job deserves both pay AND recognition. It's not normal for a website to become an obstacle to your visibility. At the same time, we know exactly how you feel because we've been there too.
Catch the attention of your audience!
Take pleasure in managing a well-built website that gives you the visibility you deserve.